Versace Bright Crystal Mini Eau De Toilette for Women Review

By Numair on 26th April 2016 in Perfume Reviews, Perfume

Versace bright crystal
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Amazon Rating


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[dropcaps type='normal' font_size='32' color='#303030′ background_color=” border_color=”]W[/dropcaps]hen it comes to perfume, it can be tough to trust that those cheaper and seemingly “too good to be true” options are of high quality and good standards. Some designer perfumes will set one back a massive amount of money, while the amount of product and very scent may not even be worth it all. While many women will end up biting the bullet for an overpriced fragrance, others can save their money, knowing that they can wear an incredible, sophisticated scent with Versace’s Bright Crystal Mini Eau De Toilette for Women.

With brilliant, vivid scent notes, inspired by Donatella Versace’s favorite floral fragrances, this perfume will bring feelings of sensuality, warmth, and freshness to those who wear it. This Versace bottle is filled with a blending of brisk, sexy scents, with its top notes consisting of yuzu, pomegranates, peony, and musk; the mix of both chilly and warm smells makes this perfume perfect to wear during the winter months, as women who wear it can experience a feeling of coziness, confidence, and immense elegance in the cool weather.

Donatella Versace, a highly admired Italian fashion designer and current vice president of the Versace empire, makes a bold statement with this incredible, luxurious perfume for women, as each bottle continues to celebrate the Versace strength and sense of effortless luxury.

Although many floral and flowery scents seem to be the right fit for younger women, this fragrance tends to attract a more mature audience, those women who are completely confident in their bodies, experienced in life, and fully ready to continue their inspiring, impactful journeys within the world around them. While many different perfumes, targeting older and more mature women, smell quite heavy and almost too strong, this scent isn’t too overpowering or overbearing, as just a bit gives off a splash of that sexy, fresh smell.

[blockquote text=”“I feel in love with this at first smell,” writes Amazon reviewer, Malinda, regarding the fragrance. “It does have a nice floral scent but it is more heavy and sophisticated. It inspires confidence and draws many compliments.” ” show_quote_icon=”no”]

Experienced, knowledgeable women won’t be left feeling old or worn while wearing this fragrance, as it can give off a feeling of true empowerment and pride to those wearing it and those smelling close by. They say one becomes wiser with age, and this scent can bring about the very pride that comes with it.

This luxuriously designed bottle holds a feminine pink fragrance, as it is complimented with an attractive, bright crystal for the cap. Depending on the size and online website, the fragrance can cost anywhere from $10-$65, with Amazon selling options at it at its lowest prices and smaller sizes. Many amazon buyers and reviewers of the fragrance mention being surprised by the tiny size of the $10 bottle they purchase, so it’s recommended that future buyers be wary of the amount being sold for the specific cost. Regardless, a smaller, cheaper bottle acts as the perfect way to test out a new scent.

For a decent price, wearing a perfume from a well-known, respected, and prestigious designer can make women feel that the purchase is more than worth it.

[blockquote text=”“Can’t go wrong with Versace,” writes Amazon reviewer, David’s gal, about the fragrance. ” show_quote_icon=”no”]

With a 4 star rating on Amazon, Versace’s Bright Crystal Perfume seems to be one of the more popular online, as many buyers are left more than satisfied with the beautiful, luxurious, and sophisticated scent this fragrance has to offer.


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