Still Eau De Parfum Spray for Women by Jennifer Lopez Review

By Numair on 26th April 2016 in New York, Perfume Reviews, Perfume

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[dropcaps type='normal' font_size='32' color='#303030′ background_color=” border_color=”]C[/dropcaps]elebrity perfumes are sometimes seen as a gimmick to the public. A singer, reality star, or actor suddenly coming out with his or her own scent isn’t always taken too seriously, as society may assume that these certain celebrities are just trying to make a couple more bucks and throw out another product to their audiences. Although many celebrity perfumes have failed in the past, a small few famous talents out there defied expectations and can continue to stand as the exceptions, as they created beautiful, original, and deliciously smelling fragrances that have absolutely wowed the perfume industry.

Jennifer Lopez, well-known music artist, performer, and entertainer, has been around for years and can confidently snag the title of “trendsetter” for the major influx and success of what came to be celebrity perfumes. “Still Eau De Parfum Spray for Women” was introduced to us back in 2003, and with a 4½ star rating on Amazon, it continues to be one of the most popular celebrity scents out there for women.

With the top fragrance notes being fresh flowers, sake, and honeysuckle, this feminine perfume has the potential to be the very emblem for what is the true scent of a woman. Split into 3 note sections, women wearing it can experience a “sheer, captivating, and real” cycle of smells and feelings, making for a unique, fresh perfume adventure. With the high quality ingredients and huge amount of effort Lopez and her team put into this fragrance, wearers are able to experience the luxury just after one small spray.

[blockquote text=”“Strong and long lasting,” writes an Amazon reviewer, Kacie Gibson, regarding the perfume. “One of the nicest perfumes I’ve ever worn!”” show_quote_icon=”yes”]

This light, yet sexy scent was created with the intent to leave women feeling confident and self-assured, as they did when they first truly discovered themselves at whichever point in life. The scent of strong empowerment, mixed with a light, gentle, feminine touch, is perfect for those women wanting to make their mark on the world, as well as for those wanting to attract others their way.

Although these lighter scents make for more of an everyday, casual type of perfume, it can be fully appropriate to wear for those fancier, even romantic occasions. Giving off the feeling of a woman’s gentle touch, mixed with her poise and assurance, Lopez’ scent has the ability to attract men and women to the addicting smell. Because of this, it’s a great option to consider when looking far and wide for love.

Women on the hunt for a stunning, beautiful perfume bottle will be pleased with Lopez’s design, as its shimmering appearance is inspired by the entertainer’s love for jewelry. Lopez is known for her bold, statement-making wardrobe choices, so this bottle definitely compliments her personal style. An absolute gem to display on a vanity, this bottle will strike, just with its appearance alone.

At around $15-$20 for a 3.4 oz bottle, long-time wearers of the scent don’t have to continually burn a hole in their wallets. A big, beautiful bottle for a cheaper price is a major factor in the perfume’s popularity, as it’s completely accessible to women of all backgrounds and incomes. With a good amount of product in a gorgeous, luxurious-feeling bottle, JLo’s fresh, light perfume can be appropriate, both scent and cost-wise, for women of any age year-round. Such a universally pleasing perfume has made Lopez a rock star within the fragrance community, and she has definitely earned her wings as a successful perfume creator.

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