Pleasures by Estee Lauder Eau De Parfum Spray for Women Review

By Gramoni Saleka on 30th July 2017 in Perfume Reviews, Perfume

Estee Lauder
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[dropcaps type='normal' font_size='32' color='#303030′ background_color=” border_color=”]T[/dropcaps]here are some perfumes out there that get old, worn out, and forgotten as time moves on, but a special few seem to continue their vibrancy and major impact as the years go by. Designers, makeup artists, and even celebrities have taken a shot or two at creating their own perfume, but only a few have been successful and can now be fully respected in the perfume industry.

Pleasures Eau De Parfum Spray for Women by Estee Lauder was created back in 1995 by Evelyn Lauder, daughter-in-law of the renowned businesswoman. Said to have set the trend for those many sheer, airy, floral fragrances to come, this perfume officially made its mark and now continues to be a majorly popular scent for women in 2017.

With its top scent notes being white lily and violet leaves, this perfume can leave a sense of freshness and pure delight to those who wear it. The flowery, uplifting scent is entirely sheer, as it isn’t overbearing or too strong; it’s a truly floral smell and doesn’t consist of any sweet, sugary mixes to interrupt that pure, clean scent.

Due to its light, airy aroma, this fragrance can be worn by women of any age and by those looking to experience a calming, almost carefree sense of being. While younger women will feel inviting, lively, and vibrant, women of a more mature age can experience the very same sense, feeling young at heart and alive as ever.

The floral notes tend to be most appropriate for the springtime months, as it blends those uplifting, clarity-inducing smells one might experience right after a fresh, spring rain.

[blockquote text=”“Love this fragrance,” writes Amazon reviewer, Olivia, about the perfume. “Very clean smelling.” ” show_quote_icon=”no”]

At $35 on Amazon, this long-time popular fragrance seems to be entirely worth the purchase, as it comes with a good amount of product for the price. Although it’s not an overbearingly strong scent, a little tends to go a long way and will last throughout the day. That bit of freshness is what seems to make this fragrance special and unique, as some consider it the very first of its kind.

With an effortlessly beautiful design, the tall, sleek, and simple fragrance bottle compliments its fresh, light, floral scent perfectly and is appropriate for any aged woman to display and show off on their vanity.

The scent seems to be most fitting and suitable for daytime wear, whether it’s worn at a big springtime party or a quiet, intimate afternoon outing. Those nearby, whether a romantic partner or just a passerby, will sense the same free, fresh scent and feeling when around those who wear it, as it can attract those looking for a youthful, light experience in life.

New wearers of this scent are in for a new, unique adventure, while long-time and experienced wearers continue to enjoy the reminders of those older, fun memories.

Calling this perfume a “great value for a perennial favorite,” Amazon reviewer, Z Hayes, describes her thoughts as a long-time wearer.

[blockquote text=”“Estee Lauder’s Pleasures perfume is one of my all-time favorite scents,” writes Z Hayes. “I found that a little goes a long way, just as I remembered it. Mine smells just as good as I remember it.” ” show_quote_icon=”no”]

Whether you’re looking for the perfect floral perfume or a fresh, light experience and adventure, this perfume seems to be a fantastic option, with it continuing to stand as a popular perfume for women to this day.

Learn more about Estee Lauder and her fragrance creations and journey here: (

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