Fancy by Jessica Simpson Review

By Gramoni Saleka on 30th July 2017 in Perfume Reviews, Perfume

Fancy Jessica Simpson
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[dropcaps type='normal' font_size='32' color='#303030′ background_color=” border_color=”]W[/dropcaps]hen it comes to perfumes, one doesn’t immediately think of food, but with so many types of diverse fragrances today, a sugary, sweet scent is becoming more and more popular and in demand.

Jessica Simpson, an immensely well-known and recognizable celebrity worldwide, took her shot at marketing her name and brand within the perfume, makeup, and body care industry back in 2008. These sweet, chocolaty, sugary products were truly good enough to eat, as they were created to be entirely edible, as well as great smelling. Simpson’s perfume, “Fancy,” perfectly complimented her sugary line of products, “Dessert Treats,” as it catered to a younger audience of girls and women looking for a fun, youthful, delicious scent.

With a cute, flirty smell, this fragrance can remind one of tasty treats, such as donuts, cupcakes, and sugar in general. It brings about notes of warmth, mixing in a slight blend of fruity, tangy, and refreshing grapefruit, making for the perfect fragrance for a woman with an ultra-sweet tooth.

[blockquote text=”Calling it a “fabulous fragrance,” Amazon reviewer, Miss Betsy, admits to being fond of Simpson’s perfume for years. When writing about the perfumes fun scent journey, she acknowledges the smell as being “very refreshing,” before raving about how it “dries down to a cozy delicious caramel.” ” show_quote_icon=”yes”]

Because of the light, sweet nature of this perfume, it can be perfect for girls in their teenager years, just starting out and experimenting with different scents; it can also be quite suitable for women in their young 20s or anyone who wants to feel a sense of warmth and deliciousness all over. This scent is far from too “grown-up” or mature, as it doesn’t give off any overpowering smells of musk or overbearing sophistication. An older woman might find this fragrance more on the childish side, as it provides a light, carefree, even more natural feeling smell.

Although it may seem more appropriate to wear in the daytime or to a more casual event, the scent’s flirty element makes for a great scent to wear within a more intimate, even romantic situation and environment. The sugary, sweet, inviting smell can easily attract those around, whether one is looking for just a friend or more.

The scent seems to be well-suited for even those who enjoy a more floral fragrance, as Amazon reviewer, CA Girl, points out.

[blockquote text=”“I usually wear floral scents,” she writes, regarding Simpson’s perfume. “With Fancy, I mostly smell caramel and a deep vanilla/almond smell. I love it!” ” show_quote_icon=”yes”]

At an affordable price of around $16 on Amazon and many retailors online, Jessica Simpson’s perfume seems to have made a pretty positive impact on both brand new and long-time wearers. The amount provided in the bottle makes for a buy that’s very worth it to most, as multiple consumers find it to be a “bang for your buck” type of perfume.

The bottle itself makes for a stunning, cute, and feminine statement piece, which adds to the many reasons for its immense popularity over the years.

With adorably beautiful designs and text, this pink and gold perfume bottle is the very emblem of youthful flirtation. It’s big, round, pink bubble for a cap is complimented by a truly “fancy” pattern design, making it a perfect, very appropriate, display on a young woman’s vanity.

This 4½ star rated perfume on Amazon has reviewers raving, as such a uniquely delicious scent has wearers constantly receiving compliments over the years. With her sweet vanilla, dessert-like scent, Jessica Simpson and “Fancy” have truly earned a massive amount of respect in the very competitive perfume industry.

Find more information about Jessica Simpson’s “Dessert Treats” line here:

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