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With adorably beautiful designs and text, this pink and gold perfume bottle is the very emblem of youthful flirtation. It’s big, round, pink bubble for a cap is complimented by a truly “fancy” pattern design, making it a perfect, very appropriate, display on a young woman’s vanity.

With an effortlessly beautiful design, the tall, sleek, and simple fragrance bottle compliments its fresh, light, floral scent perfectly and is appropriate for any aged woman to display and show off on their vanity.

Some designer perfumes will set one back a massive amount of money, while the amount of product and very scent may not even be worth it all. While many women will end up biting the bullet for an overpriced fragrance, others can save their money, knowing that they can wear an incredible, sophisticated scent with Versace’s Bright Crystal Mini Eau De Toilette for Women.

With a scent that captures the very feeling and sensation of being in an extraordinary destination, this perfume can bring a sense of optimism and happiness to those who wear it and to those who smell it around them.

Although many celebrity perfumes have failed in the past, a small few famous talents out there defied expectations and can continue to stand as the exceptions, as they created beautiful, original, and deliciously smelling fragrances that have absolutely wowed the perfume industry.

Donna Karan, a popular, well-known business mogul and fashion designer, has earned much respect in the business and fashion community over the years with her incredible clothing label, DKNY. As for her dabble into the fragrance industry, she has made more than just a small mark and impression with her perfume, “Be Delicious,” which continues to be an absolute hit and success.