Be Delicious by Donna Karan for Women Perfume Review

By Numair on 6th April 2016 in New York, Perfume Reviews, Perfume

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[dropcaps type='normal' font_size='32' color='#303030′ background_color=” border_color=”]N[/dropcaps]owadays, the perfume industry is filled with fruity, juicy scents, perfect for a younger, less mature audience of girls. These overly sweet scents bring about feelings of youth, joy, and a free spirit; older, more mature women are sometimes left looking for a similar perfume with that same vibe, plus a sprinkle of those confident, experienced, and adventure-inducing smells.

It’s now common that both designers and celebrities alike always want to push their talents and business boundaries, so one step they take is, many times, towards the perfume industry. While multiple celebrities and prestigious talents fail at making an impactful, timeless scent, others create the most incredible, unique scents for their audiences.

Donna Karan, a popular, well-known business mogul and fashion designer, has earned much respect in the business and fashion community over the years with her incredible clothing label, DKNY. As for her dabble into the fragrance industry, she has made more than just a small mark and impression with her perfume, “Be Delicious,” which continues to be an absolute hit and success.

This juicy apple fragrance, mixed with a blend of exotic flowers and sensual woods, was originally inspired by the city of New York and continues to celebrate individuality and spirit. With top notes consisting of American apple, cucumber, white rose, and sandalwood, this fun, free-spirited, yet sophisticated perfume can reach the widest audience of women on their hunt for the perfect fragrance.

Older and younger women can experience the incredible mix of senses this perfume has to offer, as it induces feelings of both youthful freedom and sophistication. The unique mix of juicy fruits and sexy musk makes for a perfect pair for those women yearning to feel a sense of self-assurance and complete individuality.

While many fragrances tend to consist of at least one scent note that is too overbearing or strong, “Be Delicious” finds the right balance with its blend of floral, sensual, and juicy smells.

[blockquote text=”“I love it,” writes Amazon reviewer, Megan A. Guerndt, regarding the perfume. “It’s feminine without being overly floral or musky like a lot of perfumes.” ” show_quote_icon=”no”]

With a fresh and tangy scent, this fragrance can be most appropriate to wear during the spring and summer months, as it grasps the feeling of joyful, refreshing weather in its entirety. The unique mix of sophistication and carefreeness doesn’t make for a confusing blend, and instead creates a universally pleasing perfume for so many different occasions. Consisting of intensely fun and juicy notes on one side, with the sexy, musky, and classy notes on the other, this fragrance can be suitable and fitting for a loud, busy daytime party or a quiet, intimate, romantic date with a partner. Passersby will join you when smelling this scent from afar, as they may also want to experience the cheery, yet chic scent.

At around $30-$35 on Amazon and other online websites and retailors, this perfume truly packs a punch and provides an incredible deal for the price being paid. With a chic, elegant, yet fun and unique apple-shaped bottle, “Be Delicious” can add a little uniqueness and individuality to any woman’s vanity. With a classy, neat silver top and a stylish green bottom, this bottle can act as a stand-out statement piece to show off to those around.

Donna Karan is known for her sense of style in the modern times of today, and she has hit the nail on the head with her “Be Delicious” perfume. Catering to a wide audience of women, both younger and older, this fragrance will, most likely, be a timeless staple in the perfume industry for many years to come.

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