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We started womensfragrances.com because we wanted to bring the most helpful insight about perfumes to women. We’re a niche blog giving you quick and easy access to all there is to know about fragrances for women. Womensfragrances.com is a carefully curated list of the best perfumes you can buy, based on top user recommendations and market insight.

What we're about

Why spend hours browsing through perfumes at stores when you can get everything you need to know before making your purchase right here on the internet. Find out which perfumes are trending right now, learn about perfumeries and the people behind the smell you wear. Get all the facts on how to avoid fakes and how to spot the real scents on the market.


Read our blog for reviews, celebrity insights and more on the world of perfumes. We specialize in women’s fragrances so whether you’re a guy looking to impress your girl or you’re a girl looking for ideas on your next fragrance, then you’ve come to the right place!


Find your Match

We’ll also talk about what smell is right for your body type and the things to consider before picking a perfume for an outing or for the day to day.

Pheremone Perfumes

Have you ever considered trying out pheromones? What a primal and exquisite way to attract men. The reviews are great from what we’re hearing. Read about what would happen if you wear pheromones all day and let’s see if we can help you decide.